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Smtp Ssl In Send Email Module

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Is there any way to enable SSL in Send Mail module? I have configure SMTP Send Method with port 456 (which is required by email server) but in log file I found:

140011.065   7               AddEmailToSend from:xxx|xxx, to:xxx, cc:, bcc:xxx, reply:xxx, subj:xxx, att:c:\callrecord\xxx\ID20160728_135941_18_11_50011.mp3, usertoken:(<to>xxx</to><subject>xxx</subject><guid>ae94e1de-679f-443c-a26c-e328c98c0b25</guid>) smtp:xxx|465 timeout:300sec, sParamsXml:
140011.070   7               SmtpClient created ok
140011.070   7               .Host=xxx .Port=465 .EnableSsl=False sCredentialUserName=[xxx]

and unfortunately the message never reaches the sender.

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Also, are you sure that port 465 is the one to use for your SSL connection?


More often the port 587 is used.

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