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Blank Call Message

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We are getting input from our clients that they are receiving blank messages. We are thinking this is a carrier issue but we are wanting to make sure we cover all bases. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for the help!

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We have not heard of any such issues. If the log files show that the sound files was played then we can be certain that sound was transmitted by the VoiceGuide system.


To verify you would really need to record the call.


It is possible to set up VoiceGuide to record the call - recording the sound transmitted and received on the line by Dialogic card or VoIP drivers.

A separate independent voice resource is used to record the sounds played & heard.


Another approach that can be taken to record calls is to attach an external recording device to the lines, or (for VoIP systems) use network monitoring tools to capture the RTP sound packets that are transmitted over the network.

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