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Cause 44

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Our PBX support send us information about "cause 44" send by our servers.


Can You explain us when and why is used this cause, problem is because switch is recognizing cause 44 as temporary unavailable and try to wake up port.



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Can you please post some traces that capture what you are referring to.


Dialogic card would not send a cause 44 if a channel is free.


We would need the ktTel level traces and know of the exact time when was the cause 44 sent and when the related SETUP message was sent.


We would also need to see the ISDN trace that also captures a few minutes of previous and a few minutes of successive calls.

We can then see how the PBX sent that particular call attempt. This many show why PBX got a cause 44 response.


What PBX is used here? What equipment is between the Dialogic card and the PBX? Or is the PBX on the premises next to the IVR and there is just a direct wire connection?

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how to reach dialogic logs for all channels or range 31-60?


isdntrace or other tool?


cause 44 is dialogic card status VG not receive those calls.

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ISDNTRACE.EXE is a test tool from Dialogic for DMV series cards.


For JCT series cards the ISDIAG.EXE test tool can be used.


Both tools allow to select the "board number" that should be used to run the test. For 'channels 31-60' that would usually be '2'

eg. Channel 31 is usually 'channel 1 on board 2'.


Any ISDN traces captured can be converted into readable format using Dialogic's ISDTRACE.EXE utility.

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