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Vbs Vg.script_Goto Doesn't Working On V. 7.4

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We have PBX functionality on v. 7.5. and now we need use this same script in other servers but on v. 7.4 (of course on older 7.5. to) second line not following as in vbs described. log attached.


We want to follow each channel (client and agent) separate. VBS is forwarding Client call properly but not acting Agent line not following to described script and module.

vg.Script_Goto  $RV[agent1_line_id],"manager_fa_pbx.vgs","test agentline", ""


110441.342  16 148  51 rem   Script_Goto 148, manager_fa_pbx.vgs, test agentline,
110441.354  16 148  51       no script running on line.

Please fix 7.4. like in 7.5. to reach VBS functionality described in help file

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Could you please post full vgEngine traces capturing the entire call so that we can see what is actually happening on the system.

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No traces were attached to last message. Could you please try making a new post and attaching them again.


Please .ZIP up any traces before attaching them.

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The trace does not include the whole call. We cannot even see how the call on port 51 (LineID 148) was started.


If port 51 is carrying the outgoing leg of a 2-line transferred call, then there would be no script running on that line (port 51), so in v7.4 you would not be able to jump to a new script by issuing Script_Goto command to the port carrying the outgoing leg of the tromboned transfer call.


Outgoing leg of a 2-line transferred call does not start any script on that outgoing port.



Various functionality to allow more complex control of the outgoing legs of the 2-line transfers (including starting scripts on those outgoing legs) are being gradually added to v7.5 onward, but such functionality was not supported under v7.4


In v7.4 and prior the Script_Goto is used to jump to a new script if there is already a script running on that line. It cannot be used to start scripts if no script is already running on that line..

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