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Calls End Abruptly (In Say Numbers Module)

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Looks like you have set for this system to use your own custom lib_num2wav.vbs to create the list of .WAV files to use in a Say Number module, instead of letting the system use the default DLL vgLib_SayNumbers.dll to generate these.


( VG.INI [moduleSayNbrs] WavListGenerator was set to VBScript )


And looks like there is a bug in version which you are using which results in call being ended when the Say Numbers module uses a custom lib_num2wav.vbs


We will provide a fix for this in a few hours.

103354.904   7   1   1 state [ConSerie] Playing wav (Prompts\ConSerie.wav,0.wav,1.wav)
103354.904   7   1   1       FindSoundFile start [Prompts\ConSerie.wav]
103354.904   7   1   1       FindSoundFile start [0.wav]
103354.905   7   1   1       FindSoundFile start [1.wav]
103354.906   7   1   1 t     timer clear (force=False)
103354.906  24   1   1       engineVbs dispose call
103354.906   7   1   1       q_tel +     cmd_PlayStart 494828 ,C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceGuide\Scripts\FedeCoop\Prompts\ConSerie.wav,C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceGuide\system\voice\0.wav,C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceGuide\system\voice\1.wav []
103354.906   7   1   1       play  start ok, playId=494828
103354.906   8   1   1       q_tel run   cmd_PlayStart 0 00:00:00 max:1|00:00:00.3218094
103354.906  24   1   1       runscr .Execute returned. iRunWait=1
103354.907  24   1   1       runscr RunWait_1 script completed
103354.907  24   1   1       runscr sModuleClearScriptProcessWasCalledFrom is current module ConSerie, clearing setting
103354.907  24   1   1       runscr RunWait_1 taking fail path as script completed and no next module set
103354.918  24   1   1       HangupCall (RunModule_Script_AfterScriptStarted_2) crn_in=0, L1=Connected, L2=Running_Normal, lPlayId=494828, lRecId=0

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Looks like this issue was already resolved.


Please update your system to this version of VoiceGuide:


[old link removed]


If you still encounter any issues please post traces as before.

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The lib_num2wav.vbs use it because we work the system in neutral Spanish , and do not know how to modify it in C # language .
We have installed in more than 18 facilities over 8 years, and its works perfectly.
In another post of this forum, you asked me to analyze copy of this .vbs , I sent them again.
I try this version and then will comment, thanks.


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