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"after Hang Up" Script Would Not Run In Some Cases

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Hello VG support,


We noticed that sometimes VG would not execute Post-Hangup script in some cases.

If you look at the attached VG log, you can see "no script running on this line.


"AfterHangup script will not be ran...." (except for the first call) appears multiple time.

This can be reproduced if you, as a user, pick up the phone to answer an outbound call then hang up immediately, VG decides not to run the post-hangup script.


Is there any way I can force VG to run the script in this case?

We utilize "OnAnswerLive", "OnAnswerMachine", and "OnNoAnswered" fields when populating "CallQue" table, but those do not seem to cover this case.

Thanks in advance.







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This can be reproduced if you, as a user, pick up the phone to answer an outbound call then hang up immediately,

Looks like no script was even started on those calls.

If no script is ran on the call then it's corresponding 'onHangup' script will also not be ran.

The 'onNotAnswered' and 'onRetriesExhausted' event handlers will be started in such cases.



Attached traces capture 9 calls between 14:55 and 16:15 :


3 of these were never answered - running the 'onNotAnswered' was attempted.

5 were hung up less the half a second after answering - running the 'onNotAnswered' was not attempted.

(and 1 was answered, script was ran, and then the 'after hangup' was ran)



To fix the issue that affected the calls that were 'hung up less the half a second after answering' please update system to this version of VoiceGuide:

NB. Probably better to just use a VBScript file (.vbs) or .exe for handlers of these events, instead of using a VoiceGuide script.


[old link removed]




To change from one release of VoiceGuide v7 to another:

1. Stop VoiceGuide Service and exit all VoiceGuide programs. (eg Script Designer, Voicemail Manager, etc) and all other programs.

2. Run the VoiceGuide install and install into same directory as existing installation. (Do NOT uninstall the previous VoiceGuide installation).

3. Start VoiceGuide service.

Running a VoiceGuide install over the top of an existing install will NOT overwrite existing configuration or license files (Config.xml, ConfigLine.xml, VG.INI, VmBoxList.xml, etc) and will not remove any of users script or sound files, and will not remove any log files etc

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Ok, the provided file fixed that issue: VG now can run the vbs file definned under "OnNotAnswered" when this abrupt disconnection happens.


However, this fix created 2 new issues for our script.


1.The Result Value "$RV[PathApp]" does not return "\" at the end, thus causing any inclusive file to fail with "Path not found" error.

And this is not consistent with other VBScripts that use this RV in the VGS file. I think this RV returns with or without "\" depending on the folder location.

The example below happens in the VBS file for "OnNotAnswered" that is stored one folder deeper than VGS files location.

So, "....\VoiceGuide\Script\MyFolder\" location works the same way as before, but "....\VoiceGuide\Script\MyFolder\VBSExecutable\" folder loses "\" when this RV returns the value.

Could you correct it so that the current scripts work as is?


RV_ScriptsPath = "$RV[PathApp]" & "Scripts\ --> RV_ScriptsPath = "C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceGuideScripts\




2. The 2nd problem is that VG script stops at the point of generating TTS file (Please find the attached file). I was not be able to find the cause. Everything was functional before applying the attached patch.


Thanks for your help.





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Most VoiceGuide system $RVs that return the path do not include the "\" on the end. (eg: RV_PathScript, $RV_PathVoiceGuide )

$RV[PathApp] is not a VoiceGuide system RV, are you sure that your script does not create this $RV itself?
Edit: $RV[PathApp] is defined by VoiceGuide at call answer time.


Can you please post some traces that capture the entire call and show the issue?

Regarding TTS: the posted trace does not capture a TTS attempt. Could you please post a trace that captures a TTS attempt.


Edit: $RV[PathApp] and TTS related questions continued in new thread: http://voiceguide.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12242

Edited by SupportTeam

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I need to apply the fix (that includes TTS fix) provided a couple of days ago to our customer's server, yet it looks like the thread with the file has been removed.

Is it good to go with the patch or should we wait?

Please confirm.



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The $RV[PathApp] and TTS related questions were moved to new thread as they are on new topic. Please see link to the new topic thread that is in the edited post.

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