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Caller Id Name Functionality

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Yes. VoiceGuide supports In-band Signaling.


Please see: http://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/inbandsignaling.htm



"In-band Signaling" term is usually used to describe sending of DTMF digits on the line immediately after call answer.

So usually only the telephone/extension number or other numeric information is sent by Inband signalling.

Also, it is usually only done on Analog lines.


Please note also that on Telco provided telephone lines the CallerID Number/Name is not usually supplied using "In-band Signaling", but is usually sent using FSK between first and second rings.

Both Dialogic cards and VoiceGuide support detecting this CallerID information also.

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Is this being done on ISDN lines?


It is possible to do on ISDN lines but depends on ISDN protocol used. Please contact sales@voiceguide.com and advise your setup details.

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How to declare "caller name" as additional parameter to <CallerId>.

We are using d/600 cards and DINSTAR gateway ISDN to SIP.

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It depends on what the ISDN<->VoIP gateway supports, and depends on what the VoIP provider supports.

Do you have technical details of how the name should be presented to your gateway (Facility messages?)

Would Dinstar then would pass that onto the VoIP provider in a way that the VoIP provider would then use?


Setting up Name sending requires custom solution design. Please contact sales@voiceguide.com if you would like to deploy such functionality.

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