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Logical Operations In Evaluation Module

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How to create logical operations in evaluation module like ?

IF a=100 
  THEN "x"
ELSE "y"

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Evaluate Expression modules ( http://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/modevalexpr.htm ) are for evaluation of a single expression, and do not support IF/ELSE/etc. conditionals.


Still, the simple IF/THEN functionality as in example described above is possible, as different paths can be specified to be taken from the module depending on the outcome of the evaluation.


To implement the above example, the expression to be evaluated would be something like this:


$RV[a] = 100


and then "True" and "False" paths can be used to take the script to different modules depending on whether the comparison expression was evaluated to be True or False: eg:


on {True} goto [Module_x]

on {False} goto [Module_y]

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