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Terminating Call When Other Leg Hang Up

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we transfer client call from agent 1 to agent 2 using VBscript

when agent 2 hanging up call looks VG not forwarding to termination sheet (declared in script),


line is terminating and not other (client) line can be terminated because "no AfterHangup path" declared.


how to fix it?


141602.836 26 rem remoting link constructor activated: vgServices_CommandLink
141602.838 26 rem Line_Hangup 64
141602.838 26 64 22 q_scr + cmdHangupCall 0
141602.838 7 64 22 q_scr run cmdHangupCall sCode=[] iActionID=0, crn=0 [0|0|0|0|0][|||||] 00:00:00 max:4|00:00:00.0210012
141602.838 7 64 22 HangupCall (qScr) crn_in=0, L1=Null, L2=Idle_WaitingForNextCall, lPlayId=0, lRecId=0
141602.838 7 64 22 ccrn_connected=0, crn_NewCallArriving=0, crn_CurrentMakeCall=0, crn_InProcessOfReleasing=0
141602.838 7 64 22 rv add Hangup Source|qScr
141602.838 24 2 1 engineVbs dispose call
141602.839 7 64 22 HangupCall sScriptToRunOnHangup=[]
141602.839 24 2 1 runscr .Execute returned. iRunWait=0
141602.839 7 64 22 no script running on this line. AfterHangup script will not be ran.
141602.839 24 2 1 runscr exiting thread. success path should have already been taken.
141602.839 7 64 22 rv add DropCall_Source|
141602.839 7 64 22 WARN could not find crn for call to hangup A


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Was there a script running on port 22 (LineId 64) ?


If there was a script running then did it have the 'AfterHangup' script specified?


We really would need to see the vgEngine trace capturing the whole call in order to be able to comment.

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Script is initiated on channel 1 (client) and at the beginning connected witch channel 21 (Agent 1) (with VG transfer module)

channel 21(Agent 1) was separated with channel 1 (client)(using VBscript)

channel 21(Agent 1) connected with channel 22 (Agent 2)(using VBscript)

channel 22 (Agent 2) was connected with channel 1 (client)

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A call transfer module does not start a script on the line that carries the 2nd leg of the call.


One approach that can be taken if you need to perform any extra actions related to the 2nd leg of the transferred call, is that they can be performed at the same time as the "Line_Hangup" for the 2nd leg of the call is issued.

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