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Using Multiple Script_Goto And Run_Resultreturn Calls In Vbscript Mod

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2 problems:

1. using:

set vg = CreateObject("vgServices.CommandLink")
sReturnedData = vg.RvGet(4,"RV[client_lineid]")
vg.Run_ResultReturn 61, "[client_lineid]{" & sReturnedData & "}"
vg.Record_Stop 4
vg.Bridge_Disconnect 4, 61
vg.Script_Goto 61,"C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceGuide\Scripts\manager\manager_fa_kolejkowanie.vgs|caller_lineid","", ""
vg.Run_ResultReturn 4, "success"
vg.Run_ResultReturn 61, "forward"
set vg = Nothing
we receive:
161635.072 14 4 2 rem RvGet RV[client_lineid]
161635.072 14 4 2 rv replace start [$RV[client_lineid]]
161635.072 14 4 2 rv replace end [4]
161635.073 14 61 21 rem Run_ResultReturn [[client_lineid]{4}] 18
161635.073 14 61 21 q_scr + cmdRun_ResultReturn 0
161635.073 7 61 21 q_scr run cmdRun_ResultReturn sCode=[] iActionID=0, crn=0 [0|0|0|0|0][[client_lineid]{4}|||||] 00:00:00 max:4|00:00:00.0050003
161635.073 7 61 21 Run_ResultReturn LineState[61].iVgsIdx=0. Ignoring returned information


but next on second channel no data in variable [client_lineid]:


161635.115 7 61 21 RunModule start Evaluate, [client_lineid_test], iModuleIdx=639, previous: vgm=638, vgs=6:6
161635.115 7 61 21 state [client_lineid_test] Evaluate [$RV[client_lineid]]
161635.115 7 61 21 rv replace start [$RV[client_lineid]]
161635.115 7 rv dbg rv_retrieve did not find [client_lineid]
161635.115 7 61 21 rv replace end []
161635.115 7 61 21 eval []
161635.115 7 61 21 objReturn is NULL for input=[], try with Cstr
161635.116 7 61 21 eval InvokeMember Eval returned
161635.116 7 61 21 rvns add client_lineid_test_Input|
161635.116 7 61 21 rvns add client_lineid_test|
161635.116 7 61 21 creating new (non-global) rv : test
161635.116 7 61 21 rvns add test|
161635.116 7 61 21 Eval Expr result:[] stored in RV[test]


still problem with transfer data between channels.



2. problem - after disconnect bridge between caller and agent 1 (VBscript shown above) Caller is forwarded to Play module with MoH.

Vg showing caller should hear MoH but there is only silence.


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In a 'Run VBScript' module there should only be one call to a Run_ResultReturn/Script_Goto/Script_Gosub/Script_Return type function for each line.
The RVs can be set as part of that function call, or using RvSet and RvSet_RVList function calls.


Please change it to ensure it does not affect any other modules ran in future and if you still encounter problems please post vgEngine trace capturing entire call.


Fixing the above script will most likely fix the other issue that you mention.

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problem is not in too many function used in VBS module, but we can't reach transfer data between two channels. Can You to try simulate our solution?


We are recording transfered call (VBscript) and after connection we try to disconnect and separate two channels (successful) first (caller) is forwarded to play module (reach but vg play module not playing file - file found)

on second line Agent is forwarded to VBscript module to get data from first channel (caller line - unsuccessful, no data transferred and module not waiting until script end) and next to transfer module.



We reach functionality to separate channels (disconnect caller and agent), forwarding to next modules and bridge connect between selected channels. only problem in get RV's from other channel and play whisper on separated (caller) channel

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Please see here for simple examples of passing value from one line to another:




Please post any comments related to passing $RV values between two lines in that new thread.


Recommend that you first get the passing of values between lines working, and then you can build on that to add other functionality that is required.

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