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Dialer Outbound + Acd Agents + Hmp

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Hello, I want to implement a 20 positions outbound call center agents.


PBX extensions from voiceguide = SIP


How many licenses of voice guide you recommend?


Outbound predictive interests me.


HMP many licenses need and what type?




Diego Miño

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For a predictive outbound system with 20 agents you would want to have about 30-40 channels used for the outgoing legs of the calls in addition to the 20 channels that would connect calls to agents. So about 50-60 channels all up.


The connected calls would be routed through VoiceGuide which would let you record the calls and use other automation featured like playing pre-recorded sound files to customers if agent presses a key (or series of keys, or a button on their popup window etc) on their keypad.


Same amount of HMP licenses.


Please contact sales@voiceguide.com for HMP license pricing. HMP licenses need to be purchased through us so that we may support the system properly.

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