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Can't Access To Dashboard

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Hi support,

I have installed and running the VG7 with Dialer but I can not access the Dashboard either locally or remotely.

However I can access to the REST API locally and remotely.

Any suggestions?



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Please post the vgEngine trace capturing system startup. (please.ZIP up before posting)


Also please do a directory listing of the VoiceGuide's \system\web\ subdirectory and of the \system\web\dash\ subdirectory.


This looks to be running on a virtual machine. Please advise virtual machine environment.

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Thanks for answering.

I delayed because we are running a campaign with the dialer and ended yesterday.

I attached the required data.

VG effectively runs on a virtual machine, have worked well for a long time without problem.

Recently we realize that there is a dashboard and we want to compare it against our statistics, or see some additional information that can help us.




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Virtual machine environment:



VmWare VCenter Server 5.5 ESXi



VG run on:

  • Windows 7 Professional 32bits
  • 3Gb RAM
  • Intel Xeon CPU X5650 2.66GHz (2 processors)
  • 50Gb hard disk (35 Gb free)

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The version used on this system is not the latest v7.5, and the dashboards are at a different address in that earlier version.


Please try


or update system to latest version of VoiceGuide.


When installing: make sure to stop VoiceGuide service and exit all apps before running over the top of existing installation (do NOT uninstall beforehand - uninstalling will delete the config files)

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