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Asynchronous Vbs And Error Handling

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In one of our scenarios we use VBS modul with "Do not wait for VB Script to complete" and three paths: success, fail and timeout. We want to make the VG launched VB Script and then go to next module without waiting for the script end. This work fine, but when VBS crashes, crashes at the same time whole scenario, no matter wich module VG is currently. Is there a way to make VB Script asynchronous and handle an error without stop/crash whole scenario?


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Can you please explain what you mean by "VBS crashes". We have never seen a 'Run VBSscript' type module 'crash'. Do you perhaps mean to say: 'VBScript ran by a Run VBScript type module stopped running as you expected to due to an unhandled case/error or due to a programming error' ?


Also not sure what you mean by "stop/crash whole scenario".


Please provide traces and which capture the event that you are referring to, and the scripts themselves. (Please .ZIP up all before posting.)


We can provide a comment once we can see details of the question.

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