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Running Termination ('after Hangup') Script On Both Legs Of Br

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after joining two call using Bridge_connect we need to terminate both calls and forwarding to termination_script.


we use case like this:

set vg = CreateObject("vgServices.CommandLink")
vg.Bridge_Disconnect 2, 4
vg.Line_Hangup 4
vg.Run_ResultReturn 2, "Success"
set vg = Nothing
and VG showing something like this:
131039.466 3 Bridge_Disconnect iLineId1=2, iLineId2=4, iOtherLeg=-1
131039.466 3 WARN Bridge_Disconnect iOtherLeg=-1 but iLineId2=4
131039.467 3 rem Line_Hangup 4
131039.468 7 4 2 HangupCall (qScr) crn_in=0, L1=Null, L2=Idle_WaitingForNextCall, lPlayId=0, lRecId=0
131039.468 7 4 2 ccrn_connected=0, crn_NewCallArriving=0, crn_CurrentMakeCall=0, crn_InProcessOfReleasing=0
131039.468 7 4 2 HangupCall sScriptToRunOnHangup=[temination.vgp]
131039.468 7 4 2 no script running on this line. AfterHangup script will not be ran.
131039.468 7 4 2 WARN could not find crn for call to hangup A
It looks like lineid=4 not forwarding to termination script?
We want to bridge disconnect both channels and forward other leg to termination script.
How to reach this?

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Could you please post the full vgEngine trace that shows the complete calls we can then see how the calls were connected and can better advise on what is best approach.

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