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Connecting Two Separate Calls Together

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Customer question:


first person calling and waiting for an call of second person.

first we hold on play module with MoH until second one call and then we join on second channel with VBS:


set vg = CreateObject("vgServices.CommandLink")
vg.Bridge_Connect $RV_LINEID, $RV[call_me_back_line_no]
vg.Run_ResultReturn $RV_LINEID, "Success"
set vg = Nothing
But problem is, we want to wait up to 120 seconds to second caller, so we set up 10 replays of MoH loop prompt and waiting time to 120 seconds.
I this case after joining two channels VG stop playing MoH prompt but probably still counting playing time and after finish prompt and start next repeat VG playing MoH to first player.
Then first caller hearing again MoH and don't hear second caller, and second caller hear first caller and don't know what happen.
Is possible to do this?
  • wait 120 seconds in play module hearing loop MoH file,
  • when we join two channels first one not forwarding until we press any button or connection is disconnected
  • when no other caller joining to first one after 120 seconds we forwarding to next module (to play "connection unsuccessful") and terminate call.
Maybe in VGScript?
Second question is: how to terminate other leg when one is ending connection (both caller options necessary)?

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Upon issuing a Bridge_Connect command the only action that will be taken is that the two lines will be interconnected together.


Everything else remains that same - and that includes the script that is running on the line.


but probably still counting playing time and after finish prompt and start next repeat VG playing MoH to first player.


Yes. That would still be happening.


The script running on the line can be made to jump to a different module by issuing a Script_Goto command.


So at teh same time as the two calls are connected together a Script_Goto command should be issued to stop the script from being in the module that plays that MoH file in a loop, and make the script jump to another module that just waits until the connection is completed.




Line_Hangup command can be used to end call on the specified line.

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2 cases:

1. can we forward first call (waiting on hold) to next module using VGScript (bridge connect) executed by second connection?

2. can VGScript to play MoH until other VGScript use bridge connect and after detecting bridge connect to follow to other module?

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The Script_Goto command should be used if you would like the script to go to another module. You can control any line's script with that command - by specifying the 'LineID' of that line.


The script does not react in any way if a Bridge_Connect command is used. The Bridge_Connect command just connects/brdges two calls together. The Bridge_Connect command has no effect on script running on either of the lines that are being connected.

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