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It Doesn't Work. Help Me

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Can you please advise which version of Windows you are using and which version of Dialogic HMP drivers.


Are you using a physical machine or is this a virtual machine setup? If virtual then are you using VmWare or some other virtualization manager?

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1. SQL SERVER 2008 R2 64bit

2. DialogicHMP30 Drivers for Voiceguide 7.5

3. Vmware Virtual Server

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Probably best to confirm what type of virtual environment you are trying to install on first.


You may also want to advise LG Cloudn that the software that you are trying to install is not working on the virtual machine which they provide. They may be able to assist further in this matter with configuration changes etc on their system.

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We don't recommend installing on any virtual machine provided by a 'cloud provider'.


Our recommended install is on a dedicated machine. Alternatively a VM from a VmWare ESXi 5.x on your own server,

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