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We can create a database to send email-s in SQL?

Like the dialer database in dialer know that it can.

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Would you like to put entries into the Dialer database that result in VoiceGuide sending out an email instead of placing an outgoing call? Or something else? Are you able to give us more details as to what your requirements are?

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In version 5 could make the records manually in the database EmailQue.mdb.

In version 7 where is a database if I can write manually?



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Version 7 does not read the emails to be sent out from a database.


The 'Send Email' modules just send out the emails directly.


Could you please describe your situation and requirements in more detail. Do you have an extranl process which needs to send emails or are the emails to be sent when a in/out call is being processed?


Would you consider using a COM/WCF/REST interface call to VoiceGuide to queue the email to be sent out?

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