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No Devices Show In Line Status Monitor After 2008 Upgrade From 2003

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I upgraded a working Voiceguide implementation from Win2003 Std 32-bit to Win2008 Std 32-bit so that same MAC address and licensing would remain the same. However, now there are no devices showing up in VG Line Status Monitor. The userinfo.lic shows our Company Code and ForUniqueId, yet shows Evaluation (needs restarting every hour) 60 line in VG line status monitor. In Dialogic HMP, shows License file name locked to host shows ID and License Type-Purchased and Active "Yes". I've logged in as local administrator I get the same thing. Of course when I dial into it, there's no answer.


VG Event Trace Logs.zip

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Win2008 requires different Dialogic HMP Drivers then Win2003.


You will need to uninstall your current HMP drivers and install the correct HMP drivers for use with Win2008.


It looks like this installation was done over 4 years ago, and version SU307 of the HMP drivers was used.


Each VoiceGuide release is linked to specific HMP driver version and officially supported only with that driver version only, so to keep using the current VoiceGuide version installed on your system, the SU307 version of HMP drivers for Win2008 should be used.


SU307 version of HMP drivers is no longer available for download, so you may want to consider to upgrade the system to latest version of VoiceGuide and the HMP drivers.

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