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We found in our cdr's something like this:


INSERT INTO cdrout (Account, Src, Dst, Dcontext, Clid, Channel, Dstchannel, Lastapp, Lastdata, dtStart, dtAnswer, dtHangup, Duration, Billsec, Disposition, Amaflags, Usr) VALUES ('ankieta','555222333','9549119528528528','','','','','','','2015-10-14 08:41:11','2015-10-14 08:41:28','2015-10-14 08:44:53',222,206,'ANSWERED','','ID20151014083300187')

we don't know how is creating Account data: "ankieta"


Which variable is used as Account?


we are using 'ankieta' as dialer campain name. After VG restart Account field is empty but after start first dialer task most of cdr's have Account: 'ankieta'


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The Campaign name is used to set the Account field in cdrout table.


Sounds like you have found that old value for this field is used in cases where Campaign name is not set (?)


Please post a trace that captures outgoing calls where in the saved CDRs the Account is set to "ankieta" instead of the actual Campaign name used (or if it is supposed to be blank).

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Looks like there is a bug that resulted in the Campaign name not be cleared before the call for the outgoing leg of a 2-line transferred calls is made on the line.


The CDRs of outgoing legs of transfer calls will be saved in cdrout table with the Dialer's Campaign name saved in the 'Account' field.


This will be fixed in v7.5.1 onward.

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How to change or declare Account in script?


Which variable is used to insert into cdr's Account field?

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Not possible right now to set it from the script.


We can add functionality to v7.5.1 that will save the value of this RV:




in the CDR's Account field.

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