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Declaring Port Numer Range For Dialout

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How to set range of ports to use in dialout? We want to make a markerting dialout action in several available channels.

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When limiting dialout to specific ports each of the allowed ports needs to be listed.


eg. to limit outbound dialing to ports 11-20 you will need to list all 10 ports, like this:



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Where to list outbound dialing ports when portnumber in porttouse table is integer? Shold I change portnumber filed type?

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Sounds like you are loading calls yourself directly into the outbound calls database.


To see how the system works please try loading a call using the 'Outbound Call Loader' app and then look at the database tables to see what entries are created.


Basically a new entry needs to be created in the PortToUse table for every port on which the call can be made on.

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