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Isdn Cause Code: Unallocated

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That ISDN/Q.850 'Cause' codes may be readable. Could you please make a test call out of your system to a number that results in that Cause being returned by the network and post the ktTel trace excerpt that captures that call.

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Trace captures 3 calls made to 796431798.


The ISDN network reported that the number 796431798 stated ringing ('alerting') on all 3 calls.


The first two calls were hung up by VoiceGuide and the 3rd was disconnected from remote end - about 20 seconds after that number started Ringing - and the ISDN cause code was "Normal Completion" :




898 154410.819 3140 172 ev idx=1669 : evttype=2081(2081), crn=2b40346, data=03F25E30(08F7A228), len=28(28) q: 0/4
899 154410.819 3140 172 ev GCEV_ALERTING crn=2b40346 (ktTel_SR60vista v7.4.5, Feb 21 2015 20:19:45)
900 154410.819 3140 172 in alerting crn 0x2b40346 != hli->crn 0x0. setting hli->crn to 0x2b40346
901 154410.822 3140 172 gc_GetNetCRV in GCEV_ALERTING : hli->crn=0x2b40346, netcrv=0x3234
902 154410.822 3140 172 r Dialogic GCEV_ALERTING 2081 (2081 0 0 )


101 154429.359 3140 172 ev GCEV_DISCONNECTED crn=2b40346
102 154429.359 3140 172 gc_ResultValue: event 0x826 received on ldev: 172 - Normal completion
103 154429.359 3140 172 gc_ResultValue: GC_ISDN_LIB 0x826 received on ldev: 172 - Normal clearing
104 154429.359 3140 172 Event_CallState GCEV_DISCONNECTED iLineCallState=16384, hCall=2b40346|45351750 m_pktTelProxyClient=00391140
105 154429.359 3140 172 r CallState GCEV_DISCONNECTED

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The ktTel log will show the cause code sent in the ISDN DISCONNECT message. In the calls above the cause was always "Normal clearing".


To confirm you can try:


1.Using Dialogic's ISDIAG testing application (stop VoiceGuide service first). ISDIAG may or may not show the cause code in cases of not 'normal' disconnect.




2. Try attaching an ISDN protocol analyzer to the ISDN trunk (you could ask Telco company that provided the E1 trunk to do that for you, they usually have access to a protocol analyser)

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Also, the Dialogic's own RTF logs may show the cause code as well.

You will need to enable logging by editing the Dialogic RTFConfigWin.xml file and restarting the Dialogic service.


But, as mentioned before, VoiceGuide reports the cause code advised by Dialogic drivers. Also in traces above disconnects happened 20+ seconds after the number was dialed. Disconnects due to Unallocated/Unassigned numbers occur much faster than that.


You may want to discuss all this with your Telco that is providing the E1 trunks to determine what is actually happening and why the Telco is taking so long to send a Disconnected event.

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