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Title of the previous module, ie: from which module the script arrived at the current module.


When I run this, I get the name of the current module, not the previous module. Is this supposed to work this way?


Here is the context:


I have nested scripts. The first script ('Switchboard') answers on all lines and directs the call to the appropriate subscript (i.e. 'PCIVR'). Upon hangup, a script is called that updates a CallDetail table ('Update DB').


Update DB contains 1 module, a DB Query:


INSERT INTO tb_CallDetail (CallID, LineID, DeviceID, DNIS, Starttime, CallLength, Script) VALUES ('$RV[CallID]', '$RV_LINEID', '$RV_DEVICEID', '$RV[DNIS Capture]', '$RV_Starttime', '$RV_CALLLENGTH', '$RV_PreviousModule')


What is being written:


072237.66 17 db    About to execute a Modify type operation [INSERT INTO tb_CallDetail (CallID, LineID, DeviceID, DNIS, Starttime, CallLength, Script) VALUES ('A2004030107212017', '17', '17', '7113', '3/1/2004 7:21:21 AM', '76', 'Update DB')]


Shouldn't 'PCIVR' be written as the 'previous' module name?


Also, since upgrading to 5.2, the Event Trace Log is very spammy and is filled with some new errors that I've not seen previously. For example:

  • 072237.74 17 db Modify operation returned OK

072237.74 17 rv add [update DB_RowCount]{1}

072237.75 17 db DBEngine.Error 3021:No current record.:DAO.Recordset

072237.75 17 rv add [Hangup Time]{3/1/2004 7:22:37 AM}

072237.76 17 Hanging up call... [srlib 282]

072237.76 17 HangupCall_Common Mode=AfterHangupRun

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Looks like a bug has crept into the $RV_PreviousModule setting, the attached VGMULTI.EXE fixes this. Please copy the attached .exe into the VoiceGuide directory.


Logging levels can be altered by setting the entries in the [Log] section of VG.INI file to a lower value (eg: 5).


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I have all logging turned off at present time.


I was only commenting on the trace window and the addition of a lot of information in that window making it a bit more difficult to read the flow of the script, especially when a lot of evaluations are used. But overall, as long as it is not slowing down the processing of the call, then I don't have a problem with it.

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The logging to trace windows takes little CPU time (you can monitor CPU usage using Task Manager).


We are going to add better logging controls to allow selection of messages sent to log window as well (current settings just control/limit what is saved to file).

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