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Email Stoped Working

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I changed in my script and in voicemail manager a new smtp and it stoped working I tried to change back to original still not working enclosed is log files thanks Eli


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Could you please post some traces that capture email sending when the old SMTP was still working?

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The 1231_0828 log file captures one email being sent (forwarding a voicemail message saved in mailbox), and it was sent successfully:

082940.196 14               [Voicemail]:ForwardVmEmail_IncludeWavFile = 1
082940.196 14   1   1       vm    forward vmb 119 email to zsrebmeir@thejnet.com (wav attached)
082940.196 14               AddEmailToSend from:RebMeir@theJnet.com|voice guide, to:zsrebmeir@thejnet.com, cc:, bcc:, reply:RebMeir@theJnet.com, subj:Voicemail: ,  on 12/31/2014 8:29:40 AM at 08:29:40, att:C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceGuide\data\VmSave\119_1231082940_1_1__001.wav, usertoken:(<to>zsrebmeir@thejnet.com</to><subject>Voicemail: ,  on 12/31/2014 8:29:40 AM at 08:29:40</subject><guid>69ad4a5e-1987-4d7d-87a6-99f684b32430</guid>) smtp:smtp.thejnet.com|0 timeout:900sec, sParamsXml:
082940.196 14               SmtpClient created ok
082940.196 14               .Host=smtp.thejnet.com .Port=25 .EnableSsl=False sCredentialUserName=[RebMeir@theJnet.com]
082940.196 14               SmtpClient clientEs configured ok
082940.196 14               email send start <to>zsrebmeir@thejnet.com</to><subject>Voicemail: ,  on 12/31/2014 8:29:40 AM at 08:29:40</subject><guid>69ad4a5e-1987-4d7d-87a6-99f684b32430</guid>, timeout=900sec082941.887 19         email sent ok. <to>zsrebmeir@thejnet.com</to><subject>Voicemail: ,  on 12/31/2014 8:29:40 AM at 08:29:40</subject><guid>69ad4a5e-1987-4d7d-87a6-99f684b32430</guid>

082941.887 19         email sent ok. <to>zsrebmeir@thejnet.com</to><subject>Voicemail: ,  on 12/31/2014 8:29:40 AM at 08:29:40</subject><guid>69ad4a5e-1987-4d7d-87a6-99f684b32430</guid>

In the previously supplied traces there is one email send attempt in 0721_1301 log (made using a 'Send Email' module) :

130359.684  6   1   1 state [Send Email NoAttachment] Send Email
130359.684  6   1   1       rv    replace start [$RV[GetPhoneNumber], $RV[ExpMM],$RV[ExpYY], $RV[Amount], $RV[AuthNet_Authorization_Code], $RV[ResEchoice], $RV[ChoiceNer], "]

130359.685  6   1   1       email to: zsRebMeir@theJnet.com
130359.694  6               AddEmailToSend from:voicemaileliposen@gmail.com|Reb Meir Bal Hanes, to:zsRebMeir@theJnet.com, cc:eliposen@hotmail.com, bcc:, reply:voicemaileliposen@gmail.com, subj:ivr system transaction, att:, usertoken:(<to>zsRebMeir@theJnet.com</to><subject>ivr system transaction</subject><guid>33f2f7ce-1b84-49a8-9055-a223ba827612</guid>) smtp:smtp.gmail.com|465 timeout:3000sec, sParamsXml:
130359.702  6               SmtpClient created ok
130359.705  6               .Host=smtp.gmail.com .Port=465 .EnableSsl=False sCredentialUserName=[voicemaileliposen@gmail.com]
130359.706  6               SmtpClient clientEs configured ok
130359.706  6               email send start <to>zsRebMeir@theJnet.com</to><subject>ivr system transaction</subject><guid>33f2f7ce-1b84-49a8-9055-a223ba827612</guid>, timeout=3000sec
130359.741  6               email SendAsync returned
130359.741  6   1   1       email queued for sending.

The successful voicemail forward email was sent through : .Host=smtp.thejnet.com .Port=25 .EnableSsl=False sCredentialUserName=[RebMeir@theJnet.com]


The unsuccessful 'Send Email' module email send was attempted through: .Host=smtp.gmail.com .Port=465 .EnableSsl=False sCredentialUserName=[voicemaileliposen@gmail.com]



For smtp.gmail.com most likely authentication is required - and looks like that option was not enabled in the 'Send Email' module, so first step would be to try doing that (involves specifying the gmail user/password in the Send Email module).


If that does not work then the next step would be to use the same smtp as was used by the working case: smtp.thejnet.com



SMTP connectivity is best debugged using WireShark (www.wireshark.org) so that may need to be used if problems are still encountered after trying the above.

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