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Hook Flash On Sip.

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Hi, my setup is:
NEC <--> Media Gateway (Grandstream HT503) <--> FreePBX <--> VoiceGuide v7
The media gateway has only 1 fxo port, it is possible to transfer a call using the same line connected to fxo when the call came through it?
I think I need a "hook flash" but can't make it work on SIP protocol. If call origin it's a voip soft phone the transfer works because fxo ports it's idle.
Any help it's welcome.
Thanks a lot!


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This all depends if the FreePBX passes the SIP REFER (RFC-3515) transfer request to the Media Gateway, and whether the media gateway issues a hookflash transfer when it receives the SIP REFER message.


You should be able use WireShark (www.wireshark.org) to trace the SIP REFER (RFC3515) issued from VoiceGuide to FreePBX, and the see is FreePBX has passed it onto the media gateway or (more likely) the FreePBX tried to effect the transfer itself and returned message to VoiceGuide that it was unable to make this transfer.


If you do the WireShark capture of call arriving through the media gateway to FreePBX and onto VoiceGuide, and VoiceGuides subsequent SIP REFER transfer then we can confirm what is happening on the SIP level.


To do a WireShark trace use sip as the filter, and then save captures packets in .pcap file and post that file here.



If you cannot get the FreePBX to pass on the SIP REFER transfer requests onto the media getaway then you have a few options:


Option A:

Attach direct to NEC instead of through media gateway + FreePBX. This will mean getting a Dialogic card and plugging the analog line fro NEC direct into the Dialogic card (you can get used D/4PCIU* series Dialogic cards on Ebay at pretty low prices). With this approach you will be able to do hookflash transfers to any NEC extension, including to the extension attached through the media gateway to the FrePBX.


Option B:

Getting additional line between NEC and FreePBX (and using an additional media gateway port) The FreePBX is most likely reacting to transfer request by trying to place a new call on a new port and bridging (tromboning) the original incoming call with new outgoing call. If another media gateway connection to PBX is available then FreePBX will use that to connect to the NEC.


Option C:

Use "Dial and Conference" ('tromboned') transfer. This type of transfer makes VoiceGuide places a new call on another VoIP port and then bridges the calls together internally through VoiceGuide. This would still mean getting additional line between NEC and FreePBX (using an additional media gateway port).

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