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"speak Number" Module Repeats #s Very Unclear

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I'm using the "Speak Number/Amount/Dates" Module in my script, which is set to repeat the phone # caller entered before.

I'm playing a .wav file before, then repeating #s entered, then another .wav file after that.


For some reason the digits are repeated very unclear and barely understandable. (the .wav files do play clearly)


I realized that when I remove the .wav files from before and after, the numbers repeat properly.



Am I missing anything? Is there any setting/way of having this work properly?

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Please ensure that the before/after .wav files are in the same format as the default .wav format selected at install time.


This would be either "ALaw 8kHz 8bit Mono", or "ULaw 8kHz 8bit Mono".


You can check the format by looking at the format of sound files in VoiceGuide's \system\voice\ subdirectory.


When playing multiple sound files immediately one after another they must all be in same format.

VoiceGuide can play other format WAV files, but when \system\voice\ sound files are used as part of the same playback sequence then the other sound files need to match that default format.


"ALaw 8kHz 8bit Mono", or "ULaw 8kHz 8bit Mono" are the formats used to transmit the sound data over the telephone networks, so using sound files in the same format gives the best control over the actual sound data transmitted over the telephone connection - especially over ISDN and G.711 VoIP connections where the same exact byte values will be used in transmitted sound data.

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