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Problem With Sound On-Hold When Call Is Transfered

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I notice that sometimes when system dialing on 2nd line, caller don't hear On-Hold prompt file. After reset the sever, its work properly.


I attach the log files. Caller number is: 22489602.


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We can see multiple entries like this in the ktTel log file:

130923.875  6692     ERROR ReadDataInotMemBuff malloc fail ptrVoiceData == NULL. Wav file not played.

The sound file would not play in these cases.


We will look into this issue, but in meantime can you please try changing this file to be an ALaw 8kHz file - this should halve the file size to 1MB and hence the memory that needs to be allocated would be reduced to 1MB.


NB. ALaw (instead of uLaw) should be used here as this is an E1 ISDN system and E1 uses ALaw encoding on the voice channels. When ALaw files are used on E1 the sound data sent over the E1 will be the exact same bytes as are in the ALaw encoded sound file. This gives you exact control over what sound data is sent over the E1.


(trace shows that the ring_multiple.wav sound file that is attempted to be played is a 2MB PCM 8kHz 16 bit file.)



Next time this issue occurs can you please confirm the memory usage of application and system overall using the Windows' Resource Monitor (screenshots of this information would be best).


A RAMMap report/screenshot would also be useful. Please see: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff700229.aspx

wav: format=1, channels=1, hz=8000, bytes/sec=16000, bytes/sample=2, bits/sample=16, DataBlockSize=2020000  C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceGuide\Scripts\manager\komunikaty\ring_multiple.wav

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After reset the sever, its work properly.


If you need to reset the server to fix this memory issue this would suggest that some other process on this server is responsible for using up the memory.


If it was VoiceGuide that was using up the memory then just a VoiceGuide service restart would be sufficient.


We have not observed any memory leak issues with VoiceGuide, and nobody else has reported any memory leak issues.


If you are still encountering these memory related problems please post the screenshots from Windows' Resource Monitor and RAMMap etc. that show what on your system is using up the memory to the point where a request to allocate 2MB of memory is being rejected by Windows OS.

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