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Outbound Phone System

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Hi there


We have VoiceGuide running as our IVR using Dialogic D/600 JCT for inbound calls, and all is working very well.


In our office, we also have a separate BT PBX for our normal office inbound/outbound calls for staff. This is separate to the IVR.


Im now wonderng if its possible, to merge both, ie setup a system to use VoiceGiude for our outbound office calls for staff etc.


My question are......


Is it possible to use VoiceGuide for outbound calls?

Is it best to connect a PBX to VoiceGuide, so staff use the PBX handsets to make an outbound call. This then connects to the PBX, which connects to VoiceGuide.

Would it be better to purchase IP Phones, that could plug into VoideGuide.


Im sure this question has been asked many times before, so I apologise!!! Im just after as much info as possible as the best way to implement such a system.


Has anybody else implemented this type of system? What hardware (handsets/PBX) did you use?



Many thanks


Lee Parvin

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VoiceGuide can make outgoing calls. Both as independent individual calls, and 2-leg transfer calls.


Sounds like you would like staff to place the calls out over the E1 ISDN trunk attached to the IVR.


You can use the 2nd E1 on the D/600JCT to connect to the PBX, and then configure the PBX to route outgoing calls to that E1.


The VoiceGuide script running on that second E1 would just forward the calls through to the IVRs E1 trunk.


Note that this setup will also let you record all of the calls, as VoiceGuide can record the conferenced calls.


Please let us know if you have any questions,

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Hi there


This is very interesting and exactly what Im trying to achieve!!!


On further reading of our BT Versitility PBX documents, I would need to purchase a PRI card for our PBX, as the PBX curently uses 2 * ISDN 2e ie 4 inbound lines only.


As this is the case, Im wonderng if it would be easier to purchase a second hand (cheap) PBX to test your suggestions mentioned above. This also means I could have 2 seperate PBX systems running in parallel, and therefore not disrupt the daily operations of the company! ie


Current PBX - 2 * ISDN2e

New Cheap PBX - connect to our ISDN30 (used for IVR)


Are you aware of any compatible PBX systems, that have been configured with VoiceGuide?? Do you have any notes for setup?? Would it be easier/possible to use IP Phones??


I certainly like the idea of recording the calls!!!!


Many thanks



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For E1 any PBX that supports it is fine. E1 ISDN is very standardized, and Dialogic card will connect to them all.


For inexpensive options maybe look at some older Panasonic models.


With a D/600JCT based system you would not be able to use IP Phones.


To use IP phones you would need to change to a Dialogic HMP based system - and use a DNI series 'thin interface' type card to provide E1 connectivity.

Then you would be able to dial into this system direct using VoIP phones (as well as over E1).



NB. Once you connect VoiceGuide to PBX then you will also of course be able to transfer IVR calls to the agents attached to the PBX as well.

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So to double check......


a) I need a PRI card for our current PBX

B) Plug cable from PRI Card to 2nd Port in Dialogic Card

c) Configure PBX to use PRI instead of ISDN 2 for inbound/outbound lines


This would work fine for outbound calls, since PBX handsets route through PBX to Dialogic Card etc


However, for inbound calls, the IVR would pick up these calls. How would I route these inbound calls to PBX handsets?? ie forard straight onto PBX handsets?


Do you have a sample script?

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However, for inbound calls, the IVR would pick up these calls. How would I route these inbound calls to PBX handsets?? ie forard straight onto PBX handsets?


To transfer to an agent an outgoing call would be placed on the E1 trunk connected to PBX. The agents extension number (or hunt group number etc) would be specified as the number actually being dialed, and then the PBX would just forward the call onto that number/group.


VoiceGuide would then bridge/trombone the original incoming call with the outgoing call leg. This is called a "dial and conference"/ tromboned/bridged type transfer.

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