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Moh Paused?

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Is possible to play MoH file using pause to play message and continue MoH?


We want to play long MoH and between say position in line. how to make this?


Can we to use VBS like this?



vg.Play_start $RV_LIENID, "mohfile.wav"


and as whisper prompt position.wav play durring mohfile.wav


or pause mohfile.wav


play whisper prompt position.wav


and continue mohfile.wav



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Best approach is to play a sound file of the length that you want to play before saying the position, and then when that file completes playing you then play the position announcement.


And when the position announcement completes you can then start playing a sound file again (of the length that is to be played before next position announcement).


Not possible to pause playback of one file, play some other files and then resume playback of original file. Such functionality is not supported.

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