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Loading Dial-out XML File

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I have a little system that has 8 lines.


I have configured it so that I use 3 lines for dial-in and 5 lines for dial-out purposes.


My problem is that when I load the OutDial_New.xml file, my system stops answering incoming calls.


The file I'm loading has 5000 elements.


Is this a known problem or am I doing something wrong?

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If you are loading such a large number of entries using the OutDial_New.xml file then VG will right now stop until the file is loaded.


Loading large number of outdial entries should be done using the "Telephone Number Loader" - using that application does not affect VoiceGuide operation.


If you must use an automated means of loading files then as a workaround for now can you create the OutDial_New.xml file during the time when VG receives few calls?


How log does it take for the 5000 entries from the OutDial_New.xml file to be loaded on your system?

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It takes arround 25 minutes. An automated sql script prepares the file from the DB and automatically creates the file. Then the file is moved to the data directory.


Anyway, I've solved the problem like you offered. I load the outdial file at 4:00 AM. That's an hour when there are very few dial-ins. And the system starts working at 9:00 AM.


I still think, it would be better if I didn't have such obligation. :)


BTW, I've switched to VoiceGuide after buying some other IVR software, and trying really hard to use it. Trying very hard means forcing the every possible means to make it useful. At last, I had to throw the other software away because it did not use hardware based answer detection of Dialogic cards. VoiceGuide is very successful with outdial calls, it's answer detection is very accurate, it's scripting language is very powerful. I was able to create my dial_out and dial_in scripts in 1 hour. Now for 3 days my system is up and running and I'm very happy with it. Wanted to thank anybody who has a share in this product. Thanks.

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The "Telephone Number Loader" will load 5000 entries in a few seconds...


The "Telephone Number loader" is really the tool which was intended to be used for loading a large number of outgoing calls - and the OutDial_New.xml file was thought of as being used for loading a few calls at a time - but we'll look into making the loading faster.

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