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How To Play Prompt Files From One Folder

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we want to play several prompt files available in one folder. Typically we have to write address to each file but is possible declare to use one directory for all listed files (separated commas)?


liczebniki\stan_konta_wynosi.wav, liczebniki\$RV[balance_3_1].wav, liczebniki\zlotych.wav, liczebniki\$RV[balance_4_1].wav, liczebniki\groszy.wav




liczebniki stan_konta_wynosi.wav, $RV[balance_3_1].wav, zlotych.wav, liczebniki.wav, $RV[balance_4_1].wav, groszy.wav

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It is possible to set the default 'voice' directory by setting the $RV[DIRSYSTEMVOICE]


But it is not possible to set the source directory on a per-module basis like you describe.

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