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Start Up with Windows

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I see VoiceGuide has the feature to minimize to systray. (Very Nice)... What I would like to see is an option on VoiceGuide, that could be enabled to Start VoiceGuide when windows starts, and also minimize it self to systray when windows starts. (This would be Super Nice)


Is this possible ?



Michael Lachney




just add a link to VG to startup folder in Start men (Start - Programs - Startup)




You may want to VoiceGuide from Startup using a batch file which first delays the starting of VoiceGuide until after the TAPI and Wave drivers have loaded.


This is especially important if using a Dialogic card as it's TAPI drivers take a longer time to load.


A delay of about 30 seconds should do it.


A command line option of "-icon" will minimize the application to the system tray, and "-hide" will hide the main application window altogether.




We got a few questions on how to set a wait/sleep time in the batch file before starting VoiceGuide:


There are three main options for delays in Batch scripts:


1) Use the built-in delay mechanism of the PING command.


Assuming you have Microsoft TCP/IP installed, you can PING

the LocalHost and obtain delays in this way. With PING, you

need to specify a number equal to 1 second longer than you

want the delay to be. Unlike CHOICE delays, PING delays are

not limited to 99 seconds, however.


:: Delay script execution for 10 (= 11-1) seconds

ping -n 11>NUL


2) The free Microsoft SLEEP.EXE command


Microsoft provide a free SLEEP utility as part of the free

Windows 98 Resource Kit Batch tools. With the SLEEP.EXE

executable placed in the system path, for example in the folder

C:WINDOWSCOMMAND, the delay syntax is simple:


:: Delay script execution for 10 seconds

sleep 10


Download Microsoft SLEEP.EXE Batch tool free from:


and click on the filename SLEEP.EXE


3) Use the time-delay built into CHOICE command


This can be used for delays from 1-99 seconds. For example,

this command line delays 10 seconds before resuming. Change

the 10 to a number from 1-99 for other delay periods.


:: Delay script execution for 10 seconds

REM | choice /c:delay /td,10>NUL

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