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$Rv_Cidnumber Is Empty

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I am using VoiceGuide 5 with a Dialogic PCI/4 card on Windows Xp.

When running VoiceGuide, the $RV_CIDNUMBER is always empty.

The caller id works perfectly on my telephone, but nothing appears on $RV_CIDNUMBER, just an empty string.

What could be the problem?

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Can you try installing VoiceGuide v7 (and the Dialogic drivers that are to be used with v7) to check whether CallerID is reported when VoiceGuide v7 is used?


If CallerID works under v7 then most likely there is an issue with the TAPI drivers used by v5.


If CallerID still does not work when v7 is used then you should check what types of CallerID encoding the card that you use supports at detecting, and compare that with the type of CallerID encoding used by the telephone company that is providing the telephone lines in your area (looks like you are located in Brazil).

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