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Telephony Card For Tranferring

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I recently just bought interactive voice guide. At first I bought a voice modem, not knowing that it would be unable to transfer calls, my mistake. Now so i don't make the same mistake again i've decided to ask questions. Transfering calls is a must for the business. I was wondering what telephony or dialogic card I should by to be able to make the program do what i need it to do.




For call transfer applications I'd stongly recommend using a Dialogic card. the entry level card is a D4PCI - its about US$500 - please see


for a list of some places where you can buy it..


What PBX do you have? Do you know if a simple hookflash call transfer from it's analog extension will work?

You will need to find out the length of the hookflash so that you may set the Dialogic card appropriately.





okay, I've decided i'm very new to this, so your telling me i need some kinda pbx? what is a pbx? i won't be able to make the Interactive Voice Guide without one? or i just won't be able to transfer call? so again what is a pbx? do i need to buy one? if yes, from where? Does my internet connection of 56k matter? any answers would just be great!




A PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange (business telephone system) and the good news is you shouldn't need one if you have either 3-way calling or Centrex. You will need a Dialogic D4PCI card properly installed and configured with about a 500-750 Msec. flash time.


Sometimes a little expermenting is needed so calls don't get hung up on or locked up and stay on the line. Seeing your only using one line with 3-way calling this shouldn't be too hard to accomplish.

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