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  1. Register VG SIP

    Hello, I'm trying to register a SIP again with VG and I'm failing again. The PBX manufacturer (I mean SWYX) says that the SIP requests authorization without a user number. See image 1 png. I use the following configuration. what can I do? <VoIP_Registrations> <VoIP_Registration> <Display></Display> <Protocol></Protocol> <RegServer></RegServer> <RegClient>998@</RegClient> <LocalAlias>998@</LocalAlias> <Expires></Expires> </VoIP_Registration> </VoIP_Registrations> <VoIP_Authentications> <VoIP_Authentication> <Display></Display> <Realm></Realm> <Identity></Identity> <AuthUsername>998</AuthUsername> <AuthPassword>2022998</AuthPassword> </VoIP_Authentication>