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I often use Databases. How do I tell if a result variable has any value? In other words was the module been accessed in the path of the script. If it has been used, I get a replacement value for $RV[xxx_1_1] = “3” . If the module is never used, the value of $RV[xxx_1_1] = "$RV[xxx_1_1]" which looks terrible in a field.

Is there a way to branch based on whether it has been used?

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for now to test if a RV is set or not you can use an "Evaluate Expression" module".


you can use:


"$RV[xxx_1_1]" = "$RV" + "[xxx_1_1]"


if the expression evaluates to "True" then the RV is not set....


if the RV is set then the expression will evaluate to "False" as after replacing the RV with its value the Evaluate Expression module will be asked to evaluate:


"value"= "$RV" + "[xxx_1_1]"


which will be False...


An upcoming release of VoiceGuide will be allowing a user settable value to be used to replace the Result Variables that do not have a value...


In that release you will be able to have all RVs that are not currently defined replaced with a particular word/phrase (which will be settable in VG.INI)

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