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"error Starting Dialogic Service"

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Since 3 days I have been trying to configure the D\4 PCIUF card. It is being detected but then when I try "start service" I am getting the classical error message "error starting dialogic service".


I installed SP5.1.1 and SP6 again and again(must have done it 10 times). The card did work twice, first with SP6 and then with SP5.1.1 and voice guide was working perfect. But both the times, when I restarted the machine it got back to giving me the same error again. I continued uninstalling - installing SR5.1.1 and 6. It worked once again. But again the same story, when I restarted my machine.. it stopped working.


Now its not working with SR5.1.1 or SR6.


Every time I make sure I am installing the driver in the correct order and also make sure that the "Global API" option is slected.


System config:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional ver 2002 Service Pack 2

Processor: Intel® Celeron 1.8GhZ

Memory: 286 MB RAM


The UDD does not give any errors. All tests are Passed.


The view log does give me an error:


"One of the Dialogic Devices failed the Interrupt Communication Test. If the Board required interrupt

jumper settings make sure the jumper settings match software setting supplied by the Dialogic Configuration

Manager. If the Board has no interrupts jumpers make sure it does not conflict with other non Dialogic Boards."


I checked the 'system information' and I do not see any IRQ conflicts.


I called up Intel and they said they do not provide phone support for dialogic card and I should contact the re-seller from whom I purchased it.


I contacted the D\4 PCIUF reseller but they said they do not have any technical support for it and can only offer me a refund for the card.


Do you know what could be wrong ?



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Return the card and buy from some other local reseller who can offer you technical assistance in setting up the hardware you purchased from them...

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