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Register Expires Value

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The Expires value set as 180 in config file. When VG started, Wireshark did show the register request send to PBX with Expires set as 180.


But 200 OK for my request show the Expires value as 300


Before 300 second limit hit, system did send the refresh REGISTER request to PBX but Expires value already become 300 even we did setup 180 in config. We need to set our Expires value as 180.

What should I do?





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It's the PBX that decides for how long it will consider the the Registration that has been made with it valid. So it's the PBX's Expires value that gets used when deciding when to Re-Register SIP devices with the PBX.

You will need to ask the PBX administrator why their PBX sends a value of 300 in the "Expires:" field.

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