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Web module timeout

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I am running a web module POST with wait until web service completes but the system is timing out in 30 secs. Is there a way to extend this timer? Is there a way to that the module fails so call does not hangup?


095543.369  44   1   1     1       ws    BeginGetResponse call (in grsc). ReadWriteTimeout=30000
095543.369  44   1   1     1       ws    BeginGetResponse returned (in grsc)
095613.236   7   1   1     1 timer EV_TIMEOUT_HANGUP
095613.237   7   1   1     1       q_scr +     evScriptEvent 9001 EV_TIMEOUT_HANGUP

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Adding a "Timeout" type path to the module will override the fallback timeout action.

Using your own Timeout path lets you set your own timeout time and the module that the callflow is to go to when this timeout occurs.

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