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Can VBS programe or php generate dynamic voice from web UI

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I would like to ask Can VBS programe or php generate dynamic voice  from web UI? Our company have install a Web TTS Engine. The staff hope to generate dynamic voice like repeat the input digit and read the date time for booking, but I don't know how to o it. Can you provide a sample script for me to show how to do it? Thank you.

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What is this "Web TTS Enigne" that your company has installed?

Is there an API that can be accessed?

Please post any documentation that you have,  or links to it.

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The  "Web TTS Enigne" for my company is for internal use, so you can't be accessed. Here is the web interface. Please refer to the attachment. I just know the "Web TTS Enigne is 

Microsoft Server Speech Text to Speech Voice. Thank you.


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Suggest contacting whoever created this to determine if this was designed to be accessible by external software, and so, then how. From the user interface screenshot it looks like it wasn't.

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