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enable / disable a greeting which must be listened before going to next step

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How can we set up a function to enable / disable to force the caller to complete listening whole message of a greeting before going to next step.

That means,

if enabled: playing of a specific greeting (not all the greeting) must be completed before caller press any key to go to next step. But for some other greetings, caller can still press some key to go to next step, no need to here the whole greeting.

if disabled: playing of s specific greeting need not be completed, call can press a key to go to next step, no need to here the whole greeting.


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Simplest approach is to not specify any DTMF (keypress) paths in the module that plays the main greeting, and only have a "Timeout 0" path there pointing to another Play module that would then play a prompt for the callers to press a key and have in that module paths that are taken upon keypress.

(NOTE: the number of replays in the 'main greeting' module needs to be set to 0. The Timeout 0" path is taken after the last play completes)

Please see attached .VGS script that demonstrates approach.

If you want to allow some callers to press a key during the main greeting then you would need to have another 'main greeting' module with keypress paths defined in it, and switch callers to one version or another depending on some variable/setting. (eg whether a certain $RV holds certain value etc.)

Let us know if you have more questions on this, or post your script and we can comment on how to best to modify it to have it work how you want.


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If it is NOT the main greeting, just any greeting in the call flow, we can also set enable / disabling ?

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For each case where you want the system to play a sound file in full without reacting to any user keystrokes, and only allow user selection later on when another sound file is playing, you must set up the script as outlined before.

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