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Voiceguide 7.4 + HMP Dialogic 1000 Media Gateway

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We are having some problems with getting the lines to work on an environment Running Voiceguide 7.4, with HMP on a physical computer behind a Dialogic 1000 media gateway.

Please find attached the log files.

NOTE: we are still using the demo license to see if the setup works. 





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Traces show that the Dialogic layer is not even starting on this system, and hence none of the lines can even be initialized:

055 002435.073  5984     ERROR gc_start
067 002435.135  5984     ERROR OpenBoard_IPT gc_OpenEx exception
068 002435.136  5984           gc_OpenEx :N_iptB1T1:P_IP:M_ipmB1C1:V_dxxxB1C1 call (opening ip line)

Also a really old version of Dialogic HMP is installed on this system:

014 002434.330  5984           szDSSVersion: 3.0, szDSSRelease: Dialogic (R) Host Media Processing (HMP) Software Release 3.0 Service Update 320, szDSSBuild: 320 , szDSSSvcPack: Service Update

Please update this system to the version of Dialogic HMP drivers that are available for download from our WWW Downloads page.

Is there are reason why you are using VoiceGuide v7.4.4 instead of using the latest version available for download from our WWW Downloads page?

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Hello Support Team, 

I was able to use IPMedia Server demo and worked successfully.

We are using version 7.4.4 because we have many installations with that version and newer versions have some changes related how Result Variables are created based on HTTP Api calls.

The reason we are using an old version of hmp is because in that server there is an old application our solution is replacing. But now I have green light to update HMP, so I will get back to you after I install a newer version.

Thanks and best regards

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VoiceGuide v7.4.4 was compiled for use with Dialogic HMP SU 347.

We will try to find the link to that version of HMP and email that to you.

VoiceGuide v7.4.4 may be able to work with later version of HMP as well, but SU347 is the recommended one for use with it.


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If you can send us traces from v7.4.4 of your HTTP call, and a trace from v7.6.4 doing the same HTTP call then we can compare the $RVs created and ensure that all 7.4.4 HTTP call $RVs are created in v7.6.5 onwards.

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After upgrading Dialogic HMP, voiceguide started to work perfectly.

Regarding the Diffence between RVs on 7.4 and 7.5+ is that for instance, if the Http call (from Web Service Call module "GetUserId") returns a Json with a property "UserId", then I have the following RV:

7.4: RV[UserId]

7.5: RV[GetUserId_UserId]

I think is better this last one, but we didn't have the time to upgrade our script.

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v7.6.5 onwards will have this option settable in VG.INI (and settable ffrom within script as well).

Setting this option should allow you to use your v7.4.4 scripts without modification in v7.6.5 onwards.

;Set CreateRvNoModuleTitle to 1 to have WebService module also create RVs which do not include Module Title in RV name.
;This is in addition to RVs that are normaly created.
;Set CreateRvNoModuleTitle to 0 to have WebService module only create RVs which include Module Title in RV name.
;Can also set this at runtime by setting $RV[ini_moduleWebService_CreateRvNoModuleTitle]


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