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Evaluation Version Not Working Whole Hour

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we have additional server to test new versions of VG scripts, but VG Evaluation version after several minutes not responding. VG needs restart not every one hour but often. Can You fix it to make our work easier?

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Under heavier usage the evaluation version will stop working in less then one hour. And way in which the evaluation version limits work changes from version to version. The only way to remove the evaluation limits is to license the system.


We can see on our records that you have a number of licensed VoiceGuide servers already, many with multiple E1 ISDN trunks in them.

As a quickest workaround perhaps you could use one of the licensed systems and assign some of the ISDN DNIS numbers to route the call to your new versions of scripts? This will allow you to test new versions of scripts if you dial a different indial number, whilst letting the system to continue to use the older versions of scripts for other calls.

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