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Voiceguide & Skype For Business

06 June 2017 - 12:59 AM



i would like to know if someone already integrate Skype for business or Lync with Voiceguide on a virtual machine ?


we currectly have a SFB server and a Sonus to convert the analog voice and IP voice with our voiceguide server.

i'm trying to virtualize this application.


at the moment, i'm able to reach the voiceguide server, it can play "0" like i told it, but i'm not able to forward a call.


maybe something is missing to send the call to my skype server. in my conf.xml file, i put voip registration part and since this time voiceguide can take the call. i haven't configure anything else (i'm pretty sure this is the reason).


can someone help me with this ?


i can share sip traces.


thank you