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#39158 Caller Id Detection Problem

Posted by Ehab Zaky on 08 May 2014 - 05:55 PM in General

Thank you for you help.


What about the Global End-Of-Call DTMF which is received by first ring and call dropped then start receive the call again from second ring. Where I can find the definition of the Global End-Of-Call DTMF in VoiceGuide Configuration to change it and prevent this from happening.



Ehab Zaky

#39152 Caller Id Detection Problem

Posted by Ehab Zaky on 08 May 2014 - 01:11 AM in General

Thank you kindly find the attached folder files as requested.



Ehab Zaky

  • Attached File  log.zip   33.28KB   65 downloads

#39150 Caller Id Detection Problem

Posted by Ehab Zaky on 07 May 2014 - 09:03 PM in General



Thank you for your help.


Actually I'm not sure about how the HUWEI Device relays the Caller ID but when I connect a normal Panasonic Handset to the HUWEI Adapter it detects the caller ID normally.


The 'c' letter is appended to the number not replacing the last digit.


for Global End-Of-Call DTMF setting how to check or change it? I was having a problem on End of call detection along with the problem stated here and I followed the guide to record it with VoiceGuide and get the parameters using Audicity Software and now it is detecting the End Of Call correctly once the call ended but the End-Of-Call DTMF problem still exist. But I couldn't find the configuration file where End-Of-Call DTMF is defined or set. Kindly help me to find it.


For the VoiceGuide trace capture could you tell me where to find this file?


Thank you for support.



Ehab Zaky

#39146 Caller Id Detection Problem

Posted by Ehab Zaky on 07 May 2014 - 04:59 AM in General

Dear Sir,


I'm using VoiceGuide 7 with Dialogic Card.


It was working fine with Analog Land Lines. I have now added new GSM Line through a HUWEI B970. I had a problem with the new GSM Line. When any new call comes on that line I see a message comes in the Monitor with (Global End-Of-Call DTMF) after the first ring then start to detect the second ring as ring1 then receive the call normally but through VoiceGuide it detects the Caller ID with an appended "c" letter to it. i.e. if the caller number is "22233343" it is recorded as "22233343c". This problem doesn't happen with other Land Lines and I have the caller ID received OK and there is no (Global End-Of-Call DTMF) signal after first ring.


I think that VoiceGuide is detecting some DTMF signal wrongly during caller ID detection which causing this behavior.


Could you guide me please how to solve this issue.

#38379 Voice Guide 7 Doesn't Detect My Dialogic Card D4/pci

Posted by Ehab Zaky on 27 November 2013 - 04:14 AM in General

Thank you very  much for your support.


I have gone through dependencywalker and it was painfull to search for much dlls but was not solving the problem.


The new version is working fine now.



#38360 Voice Guide 7 Doesn't Detect My Dialogic Card D4/pci

Posted by Ehab Zaky on 24 November 2013 - 04:59 AM in General

Thank you for your reply.


Yes VoiceGuide was installed with the main Administrator Account on the PC which runs Windows XP. Also PC restarted. Actually I have removed and reinstalled both Dialogic Service Release and the VoiceGuide 7 multiple times and I have tried to download another service release from Dialogic Website also version 2.71 but I got the same results in all cases.


I have attached here the log folder contents of VoiceGuide as requested.


Attached File  log.zip   25.15KB   51 downloads


For remote checking yes I can install any software if you need to but I have to schedule it as the PC is used. I will send more details on email if this is required after you check the log files. Please let me know.


Waiting for your reply please.



Ehab Zaky

#38356 Voice Guide 7 Doesn't Detect My Dialogic Card D4/pci

Posted by Ehab Zaky on 23 November 2013 - 02:09 AM in General

Dear Sir,


I have used earlier VoiceGuide 5 with TAPI and for limitation in the software and as I have been told earlier that Version 7 is better in database modules.


I have bought a Dialogic D4/PCI card and installed on my system and installed VoiceGuide Version 7 and also downloaded the service release 2.69 from VoiceGuide Website and installed on the system.


The Dialogic card is detected fine by the Driver software and I have also test it with the demo software that comes with service release. However the card is not detected by VoiceGuide 7 at all.


The Tray Icon shows that it is disconnected when I right-mouse click it and click Start it takes some little time and again gives disconnected. When I select line status it gives me an error message shown in the following screen shots.


When I checked the windows services I found the VoiceGuide service is not running although it is set to start automatically. I tried to start it manually but takes some time and give me a message shown in screenshots below also state that it is started then again stopped.


I checked the card status it is turned on as shown in screenshots and all Dialogic services are running too.


I tried to run the VoiceGuide License Manager also to check the card it is giving the error messages shown below. and then stated that no cards detected.


Here are some screenshots from the system which may help describe my problem well.


































Kincly help me to get the Dialogic card working with the VoiceGuide 7 Please.



Ehab Zaky