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Clearscript Error Trying To Run Vbscript

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#1 langdvguser 01 July 2017 - 02:33 AM

We are having a problem with our VoiceGuide Server where VB scripts no longer appear to run in our VGS scripts.


The log shows this error below, suggesting an object is required but it does not specify what is missing. 


ERROR RunScript_ClearScriptV8_ScriptEngineException

ERROR ErrorDetails: Object required
ERROR Message: Object required
ERROR Source: ClearScript
ERROR StackTrace:    at Microsoft.ClearScript.ScriptEngine.ThrowScriptError(IScriptEngineException scriptError)
   at Microsoft.ClearScript.Windows.WindowsScriptEngine.ThrowScriptError(Exception exception)
   at Microsoft.ClearScript.Windows.WindowsScriptEngine.<>c__DisplayClass14.<ScriptInvoke>b__13()
   at Microsoft.ClearScript.ScriptEngine.ScriptInvoke(Action action)
   at Microsoft.ClearScript.Windows.WindowsScriptEngine.ScriptInvoke(Action action)
   at Microsoft.ClearScript.Windows.WindowsScriptEngine.Execute(String documentName, String code, Boolean evaluate, Boolean discard)
   at (Object , String )
   at ..(Object oParam)

#2 SupportTeam 01 July 2017 - 07:40 AM

Could you please post the entire vgEngine trace from which this excerpt as taken. (please .ZIP up the trace before posting)


What type of function is this VBScript performing? If this VBScript is creating/accessing database objects then please try changing the VBScript module parameters in VG.INI to use "WScript" interpreter to run the VBScript.


in VG.INI in section [moduleRunScript] set the entry "Engine" to be "WScript". Like this:



and then restart the VoiceGuide service.