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Config.xml For Pri

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#1 CeceJ 03 June 2005 - 01:20 AM

What changes need to be made to the "sample Config for 24 port using one T1 robbed bit.xml" to be used with a 24 port PRI line?

Do any changes need to be made to the ConfigLine.xml

The error message I get is Init Error: gc_Start failed
and then edit the LinesConfig.xml file in \data\subdirectory

#2 SupportTeam 03 June 2005 - 01:32 AM

See this file:

Sample Config for 120 port using four E1s ISDN.xml

and just cut it down to 24 lines. and name that Config.xml

Are you running a 24 line license of "VG for Dialogic" already, or are you using the evaluation version?

#3 CeceJ 03 June 2005 - 02:28 AM

We have a 16 line Enterprise edition of Voiceguide. But, currently I am running on a test machine and installed Vg5.2.3b and then made the installed VoiceGuide for Dialogic on top of that. We are using a IntelŪ DialogicŪ D/240JCT-T1 board.
When I used altered the Sample Config for 120 port using four E1s ISDN.xml I got the following error Init Error: gc_start failed
voice guide opens with 4 lines
each with the status of "gc gc_Open(Ex:(N_dtiB1T1P_ISDN)error(opening digital line)failed, gc(0x90) - (null), cc ....

#4 SupportTeam 03 June 2005 - 05:42 PM

Are you able to make and receive calls on this line using Dialogic's ISDIAG tool?

I suspect that either the line is not 'Green' (check LED on the back of the card next to where the T1 line is plugged in), or that the ISDN protocol is selected incorrectly in the DCM. (which protocol are you using?).

You should get help from your Dialogic distributor from where you have purchased the card to get the ISDIAG tool to work. It is their responsibility to configure the card which they sold you so that it works. Once ISDIAG works you just start VG and VG will then work as well.

If your 16 line license is for VG v5.2 then send an email to sales@voiceguide.com with your registration details and say that you are running up a T1 ISDN system using VG for Dialogic.